Me No-ticing
  you ‘Ki’-board

Level up Gen-Z's
conversations and
boost your fangagement
with your fans!

AI Selfie Stickers!

Create with our AI tech a whole pack
in whatever theme you want!

What is Menoki?

Menoki is a Fan Store

Welcome to Menoki, the ultimate digital sticker Fan Store! Express yourself on all social platforms with our specially developed keyboard. Our Gen-Z digital sticker board helps you to connect with Gen-Z and your fans, making conversations pop and showcasing your true self. Stand out, be bold, and give your campaign an extra boost with our stickers. Get ready to rock the digital world!

One time install!

Installing and getting the keyboard ready only needs one single click in your phone settings to open a whole world to your keyboard! The other clicks on your screen are just to add more! and more!

Pop Everywhere!

The Menoki app is a cross platform sticker board meaning you can use your personal sticker board on all your social media platforms. Yes, read that again!

Just as Gen-Z, Menoki is inclusive,
everybody is welcome in our store!

How it works

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Menoki AI Selfie Stickers!

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