How to use my amazing sticker app

How to activate the keyboard?

You can use my stickers to all your conversations but first you need to activate the personal keyboard when you are using the app for the first time! Watch my tutorial video how!

How to send the stickers?

Not sure how to send my stickers? Watch my tutorial.

How to buy a sticker pack?

To buy a new pack, open the Menoki app and navigate through the store to find your favorite one! Want to know how? Watch my tutorial.

How to use the stickers in WhatsApp?

For WhatsApp I made the use of my stickers even easier. You can integrate the stickers in your own WhatsApp sticker board and use them just like your other stickers. Watch my tutorial video how!

How to use the stickers in Instagram?

Next to all the conversation apps my stickers also work in your Instagram Stories! Watch my tutorial video how.

.. and I have even more answers!

Q. What is Menoki
Menoki is a cross-platform sticker board which means that you can use your Personal Sticker board on and within your social media platforms in chats and posts/stories
Q. How can I use Menoki
With a one-time, free installation of the Menoki keyboard, you get access to exclusive fan sticker packs, designed by your idol, which you can purchase in-app.
Q. Is the installation of Menoki free
Yes! You install the Menoki sticker board app for free via the Apple & Google Play store
Q. How to install
After downloading, the one-time installation asks for permission to integrate a keyboard. You can also give permission manually,   IOS: Settings – Menoki – Keyboards – Menoki & Give full access (Turn on both switches) Android: Settings – General Administration – Language and Input – On-Screen Keyboard – Manage Keyboard – Menoki (Turn on switch)
Q. On which platforms can I use the Menoki sticker board
After the one-time installation, you can use it on the most popular social media platforms. You can add a sticker to your chat conversation or within posts and stories.
Q. What kind of stickers are available in Menoki
There are several sticker packs available from different talents that contain a mix of moving and static stickers. A pack generally consists of 30 exclusive fan stickers designed by your idol
Q. Which categories are available in Menoki
Sportheroes, Sports clubs, Youtubers, E-sports, DJs, Artists, Games, Movies, Comics, Action heroes, Funparcs & Events.
Q. Why are there no stickers of my idol yet
Menoki is building a community. We talk to many management agencies, artists, and clubs to offer their digital sticker packs in Menoki. You can always hint to your idol and us that you are missing their stickers in Menoki 😊. DM us on instagram (menokistickers)
Q. Why are there general terms and conditions
Out of respect for our idols and clubs, we want you to use the stickers in a fun way. You must not incite hatred, discrimination, bullying, sexual or other negative practices that could harm an individual.
Q. How do I use my Menoki sticker board in other apps
Very simple. You can use the Menoki sticker board in another app after the one-time installation by clicking on the globe icon within the keyboard (iPhone) and on the keyboard switch for Android.
Q. What if I remove the Menoki app, can I still use my stickers.
After reinstallation, you can use your purchased sticker packs again with your personal login.
Q. Do the stickers in my purchased packages change?
No, the stickers purchased do not change. However, your idol can release multiple other packages.
Q. Will there be multiple sticker packs from my idol or club
It is possible that several different sticker packs come out in a year. This is in consultation and depends on the wishes of the idols and clubs.
Q. Are the stickers static or moving
The sticker pack will consist of a mix of static and moving stickers.
Q. On which platforms can I use the sticker board in-app
You can use the stickers in a chat conversation or on a photo or video, on the following platforms; Whatsapp, Instagram (chats & stories), Facebook (post replies and messenger), Snapchat (chat only), Linkedin (chat only), Wechat, LINE, Discord, Email & SMS.

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